• Do you charge a service agreement fee?
    No we don't.

  • Is Perform-Ability a registered NDIS provider?
    No we are not a registered provider. 

  • How can dance classes be billed through the NDIS?
    Dance classes can be billed through the NDIS if you are self or plan managed. 

  • I didn't think dancing lessons would be covered by the NDIS. How does this work? 
    If a participant has funding for Capacity Building then they can use dance as a means to achieve the goals they have set out and have been funded for. Such as using dance to overcome anxiety, using dance to build friendships, using dance as a physical activity, using dance to stay fit etc. 
    Goals can be achieved in many ways and you don't have to stick to traditional therapists or therapies to achieve them.  There is a lot of flexibility in Capacity Building and it is up to the participant and their representative to work out what is the best way to achieve the participant's goals.