Tuggerah Special Needs Dance Class

Fun dance classes for everyone! Each class is tailored to suit the abilities of the students in the class. Dance is a wonderful way to gain confidence and make friends. For less mobile students, our dance classes are a great way for  physical therapy to be incorporated in a fun and musical environment . Dance is also great for the mind as the students are encouraged to remember routines using imagery, muscle memory and music. Although our special needs dance classes are full of fun and games, we understand that discipline is also an important skill and this is gently implemented into all of our programs. 

Wheel Chair Dance

Dance for people with a disability

Our Wheel Chair Dance classes are full of energy! Music is the main tool for these classes as well as a few musical instruments and games. For these lessons, we ask that parents or minders join in the fun. 

Vocal Ability

This is a new class which we hope will interest everyone! Our qualified vocal coaches will educate the students in correct breathing and projection. The Vocal Ability classes are especially beneficial for anyone who has a difficulty in speech. This class is also a wonderful opportunity to gain confidence and explore music in a different way to dance


We can provide a class for any needs for all ages involving dance, music and drama! We can also come to you! Please contact us to discuss holding a custom class.