Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Thursday 16th of May marks Global Accessibility Awareness day and this year, we will be revamping our website to showcase accessibility. If you are a business owner or a website designer, we challenge you to do the same!

Logo for Global Accessibility Awareness Day

To fix usability and accessibility, we plan to:

  • Add alternative text to images so that their meaning is screen reader friendly

  • Provide labelling on buttons and form fields that require user input

  • Add captions to audio and video features

  • Check colour contrast and limit colour usage for identification of content

The purpose of GAAD is to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital access and inclusion for people with different disabilities. Join us on Thursday, May 16 2019 and mark the eighth Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD).


A Spectacular Morning!

Miranda talks about her experience with School Spectacular yesterday.

Fun, fun and more fun was had at yesterdays School Spectacular rehearsal. I was blessed to have the opportunity to assist the inclusive performance students at their final practice in Sydney Olympic Park with the wonderfully inspiring Virginia Ferris.

The students travelled from near and far to be there. From various schools, children arrived in the morning with huge smiles on their faces. It was so great to be in a room full of people of mixed ages and abilities, sharing the love of dance with their superstar teachers.

We had a ball as we danced to Kylie Minogue’s song “Dancing.” The highlight of the day was the excitement from the students as they had their first dress rehearsal in their costumes.

Good luck to everyone for the big shows over the weekend. You’re all superstars.

Inclusive Dance Teaching - TAFE

The founder of Perform-Ability, Miranda Daisy, has been very busy the past couple of weeks attending numerous workshops and courses to up skill and continue to train in the rather untouched area of inclusive dance practice.

resized headshot tiny hunter miranda.jpeg

Yesterday I spent the day at Sydney TAFE - EORA College furthering my learning inclusive dance. It was great to be attending a as a learner as I was a trainer for the Hunter TAFE Dance for Wellbeing a few years back.

The training was in partnership with Ausdance NSW, ACFIBS and TAFE NSW who have (thankfully) recognised that there is a need for more education for trainers working in this space.

The day began with each of us asking each other how we were - in sign language. The majority of the day was spent participating in various exercises which showcased inclusive dance practices. We later had the opportunity to discuss current issues within this field with people of various abilities in the room which was great.

Our Perform-Ability instructor course is well on the way to being ready for 2019 and yesterday confirmed for me that there is definitely a need for more in depth training for dance teachers wishing to start a career in an inclusive environment.

Through meeting with the wonderful Virginia Ferris yesterday, I will be volunteering my time tomorrow to assist with the additional needs performance piece for School Spectacular - can’t wait!