Getting to the Red Carpet!

Last month, one of our superstar students, Miss Kayla Donaldson, debuted her acting career as she starred in a Short Film for the Sydney Film Festival. We caught up with her to hear about what it is like to work behind a camera!

Hi Kayla! Can we ask you some questions about your recent work on the film “Deluge” ?



So, how did you find out about the role and what was the audition process like?

Miss Miranda’s acting agency asked if she knew anyone would be interested in the role. She sent them some photos and contact details for me and they rang my Mum asking her to send in an audition tape!

I had to do 3 dances and act out a scene and talk about myself. Todd, my singing teacher, helped me film the audition tape.

We sent it in and a few weeks later, they asked me to come to Sydney to audition for the Director and Producer. There was me and one other girl.

You must have nailed the audition! Congratulations on getting the role. What did it feel like to work with professional actors.


A bit nervous, a bit scary but it got better. They were all nice and helped me. I got to know Sophie Lowe who was my screen sister. She was really nice. Skye Walmsey, my on screen Mum helped me lots.

Sounds like you learned so much on set. Do you have a favourite moment from this experience?

Seeing myself on the big screen, going up onstage and walking the red carpet!! The red carpet was the best.


Amazing! And what do you think was the most challenging part?

Filming outside in the sun. It was very hot and there was no shade. We worked for 12 hours every day. There were rocks everywhere and I kept falling over. They had to help me walk over the rocks. It was very hot and tiring.

I guess being a superstar actor isn’t always glamour. You’re such a professional!


Now that the world has seen you on the big screen, do you have any further acting plans for the future or do you think you will stick to dancing?

I love acting. It has been my dream to have a talking part. I love dancing too and I like to perform but I would like to do more acting.

Well, I am sure this won’t be the last time we see you up on screen Miss Kayla. Congratulations again and we can’t wait to see what you are up to next!

Perform-Ability and Kayla Donaldson would like to thank Focus Talent Management, Create NSW & Dollhouse Pictures for this experience.