A successful day for dance teachers.

Earlier this month, we held a training day in Sydney for dance teachers to learn how to be more inclusive in the studio.

The day started by introducing ourselves using auditory and physical communication. As a group, we discussed some of the common misconceptions that people may have about working with people with a disability. Inclusive language, successful teaching techniques and specific knowledge about different types of mental and physical disabilities were just some of the many things that we talked about during the day.

After lunch, it was the learners turns to teach us using the new skills they had learned. The importance of music choices and how to use props effectively were also introduced during the practical part of this session.

By the end of the day, the learners walked away feeling overwhelmed with knowledge and very keen to learn more.

“The day was jam packed full of amazing insights into the disability industry. In a very short amount of time I learned so much about what I didn’t know. I want to keep learning more. It was a fun and active day and Miranda was so generous with her wealth of knowledge and experience.”

Natalie Tesoriero,
Support Worker & Actor