Becoming a superstar...

On the 28th November, one of our newest Perform-Ability students had her first performance with us, and she was an absolute superstar.

“Freya The Famous” started her Perform-Ability journey with us late this year at our new program in Ashfield with Miss Nadia and just a few weeks later, she was asked to perform a solo routine at the annual showcase for The Australian College of Dance.

She absolutely stole the show with her rendition of “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift.

“Freya - sorry - “Freya The Famous” was an absolute diamond last night. By my side, side stage, she wasn’t fazed by the huge crowd and was just gorgeous on stage. It was such a pleasure to have Freya and her family at our big night.” Helen Rawlings, Australian College Of Dance.

We would like to thank The Australian College of Dance for having Freya as a part of their showcase and for the wonderful support they have for our Perform-Ability program.

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