Events are a special part of the Perform-Ability journey and we love seeing our students up on stage.

Our students work hard in class and it is a wonderful experience to be able to showcase their skills and progress within their community.

How do I know about events?

When a new event is organised, the event information is posted to our website and Facebook page. In the description, the event will say which classes are recommended to attend the event. This is based on the location of the event and staff availability to attend.
You should also receive an email about a new event.

For example, for the Central Coast Regional Show, all Central Coast classes are invited to perform - Woy Woy, Erina, Wadalba and Tuggerah. 

Where can I get further information?

After looking at our website, the first point of call for more information regarding events is your Perform-Ability instructor! The second point of contact is reaching out to Miss Miranda and Miss Niki via events@perform-ability.com. 

What about choreography?

Our instructors are informed when there is going to be a local event for their class and each term, our instructors receive choreography to teach to their classes. This means that no matter how many students from each class wish to attend the performance, there will always be other students on stage who also know the same routine. 

For example, if there are 2 students from Woy Woy and 1 student from Erina who wish to perform, they can all get together on stage and perform the same routine that they have been learning in class!

Our instructors volunteer their time to attend events with our students. This means, it will not always be your teacher who will be at the event with you, however, there will always be at least 1 Perform-Ability instructor there and their details will be given to you before the day of the event. 

Who will be at the event?

This depends on the event and who is attending. We do our best to provide costumes where possible. You may be asked to provide a base such as black leggings and a t-shirt and we can provide accessories. At other times and for more casual performances, we ask that the students wear their Perform-Ability T-shirt or a black or blue shirt and black pants. This information will be provided to you via email and via your instructor prior to the event. 

What do we wear?

Perform-Ability does not charge for community events. The majority of events that we are involved with are FREE. It is extremely rare for students to have to pay however there may be an entry fee for parents, friends and families who come to watch. This depends on the event. Please keep in mind that some events also accept companion cards.

Will there be costs involved?